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FAQs - Online Testing

General Questions

Do I need to be an approved test administrator for my child to take the online test?

No. Your student will be assigned an approved test administrator from the BJU Press Testing & Evaluation office.

Please be sure to follow your state law   regarding parental involvement in test administration.

What is a remote proctor?

A remote proctor is an adult over the age of 18 who agrees to actively monitor the student during testing and who will be available via phone and email during testing.

What devices can be used to take an online test?

The publisher’s online testing platform (DataManager) supports Windows, Mac, Chromebook and iPad devices.

DataManager does not support other forms of electronic devices, such as iPhones or android devices, and students may not use any additional devices while testing.

How many days do I need to plan for online testing?

Achievement testing takes approximately 4–6 hours over 2 days, and combination testing with the CogAT adds a day of testing. (The CogAT is about 2 hours). Refer to the Testing Schedulepdf document for allotted testing times. The CogAT can’t be administered independently. It must be administered with the Iowa Assessments.

Are there differences between the paper test and the online test?

While the format changes, content and time restrictions stay the same.

This is the same for both the Iowa Assessments Form E and the CogAT Form 7. The change in format includes showing only one question at a time in many subtests, which is usually less distracting for students. In certain cases, it may also mean the student will be using headphones.

Can my child move at his/her own pace during testing?

No. Your student will be testing at the same time as other students in the same grade. While students move at their own pace within each subtest, the test administrator will move students onto the next subject when all students in that grade have completed a particular subtest or time has run out for that subject.

Are there time limits for K5–Grade 2?

Yes. Due to the group setting for online tests, students must finish subtests within the allotted times in K5–Grade 2. Refer to the Testing Schedulepdf document for the list of allotted times. Parents of students who are exceeding these limits have the choice between moving on without completing the subtest or completing subtests separately for an extra $30 per hour or part of an hour.

If you have a struggling reader or your student has timing issues, paper/pencil testing or a lower grade level test may be a better option.

Students in K5–Grade 2 must be able to read without parental assistance when testing online.

Do you offer online testing year-round?

Yes. We offer testing in the Spring from March through July. Fall testing is available August through November, and Midyear testing is available December through February. The calendar of available dates and times is listed on the online testing website. You should plan to order your online test at least 3 weeks before your desired test date.

Are there practice tests available?

Yes. We offer paper practice tests for K5–Grade 12, with a few sample questions for each subtest. We suggest Better Test Scores for more in-depth practice for Reading, Language, and Math for Grades 3–8.

Are students allowed to use a personal calculator during the math portions?

No. Students are not allowed to use a personal calculator. There is a calculator tool on the screen during the math portions of the test a student can use.

Do you offer testing accommodations for students?

No. Also, we currently do not offer out-of-grade-level or out-of-norm-level testing for students.


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