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FAQs - Online Testing

General Questions

Can I take a Cognitive Abilities Test™ online in addition to the achievement test?

Yes. We provide options for “combination” testing (Iowa Assessments™ plus CogAT®) as well as testing with just achievement.

Do I need an approved test administrator?

BJU Press will provide an approved tester. However, you will need a remote proctor to supervise testing on the student side. This person does not need to meet special qualifications.

Please be sure to follow your state law  regarding parental involvement in test administration.

Can I proctor the online test for my own child(ren)?

Yes. Because BJU Press administers the test remotely, the parent can act as the proctor, even without meeting any special qualifications.

Please be sure to follow your state law   regarding parental involvement in test administration.

What devices can I use to take an online test?

You can use a Mac or Windows computer, iPad, or Chromebook (with Google Suite account).

How does the online test compare to the paper test?

The content and time restrictions are the same; only the format changes. This is the same for both the Iowa Assessments Form E and the CogAT Form 7. The change in format includes showing only one question at a time in many subtests, which is usually less distracting for students. In certain cases, it may also mean the student will be using headphones.

How much time do I need to test?

Abilities testing takes two hours and is accomplished in one day, while achievement testing takes four to eight hours over two days. Used in combination, testing is broken up into three days. For more information, see our testing schedulepdf document for Iowa Assessments online and for the CogAT Form 7 online.

Are students able to take a break during testing?

Breaks are scheduled at specific times throughout testing. See the testing schedulepdf document for more information.

Taking unscheduled or prolonged breaks may result in forfeiting testing time. During testing, contact your BJU Press Test Administrator if an emergency arises or if you have any questions.

Before Ordering

How can I get started with online testing?

The first step is to check that your computer, iPad, or Chromebook, and your internet connection are capable of handling the testing session. You can do so by running the systems check  .

How do I order online testing?

Shop now or contact us for help.

When should I order?

Order at least three weeks in advance of your test date.

What are the conditions for online testing?

While many of the terms and conditions for online testing are the same as paper-and-pencil testing, there are some important differences. Please view the Online Testing Agreement for details.

Preparing for Testing

Is there a practice test available for students to complete before testing?

  • Yes. There are a few practice options, including Better Test Scores. For information about CogAT practice tests, contact BJU Press Testing. Note that the practice tests are not available in online format.
  • There is also a Getting Started practice session included with the test (to be taken just before the first session). Created to introduce students to the online testing format, it provides students with a limited number of sample questions, gives instruction on how to use the highlighter function, and teaches students how to review answers. The sample questions do not reflect test subtests or content.

What do I need to prepare for my test sessions?

  • Verify the following information from your online testing information email:
    • BJU Press Test Administrator phone number and email address
    • Testing schedule
    • Student ID number
    • Session codes
  • Download the Secure Browser that Riverside provides before testing. On the testing day, double-click the icon for the Secure Browser, and it will automatically take you to the login screen. Keep in mind that the Secure Browser will lock the computer and the student will not be able to open other programs until the testing is finished.

What is DataManager™?

DataManager is the platform through which the Iowa Assessments Form E achievement tests and Cognitive Abilities Test™ Form 7 are offered.

What are some of the remote proctor’s primary responsibilities?

The proctor is responsible for monitoring each student and being available for contact during testing.

He or she will also make sure each student is logged in and ready to start the test on time. Because multiple students test in the same session, students must begin the test together.

The proctor must also remain with the student throughout the test, not leaving the room at any point during testing.

The Day of Testing

When should students log in?

Students should begin logging in to their devices 15 minutes prior to the scheduled test time, using the information from the email sent to the remote proctor.

How does the student log in for testing?

On the day of testing, double-click on the icon to start the Secure Browser. It will automatically take you to the student login page.

Please note: The Secure Browser will lock the computer, and the student will not be able to open other programs until the testing is finished.

Are there any requirements for the room where the testing takes place?

  • Arrange for a comfortable testing area with good lighting.
  • Remove visual aids or educational materials prior to testing, as well as any distractions that may negatively influence the student’s performance.
    • Also remove electronic devices (other than the testing device) that can be used to access information.
  • If multiple students are testing, separate them from one another as much as the room allows. This is necessary to keep students from viewing each other’s screens.
  • The remote proctor must have visual access to the student’s screen at all times.

What materials and equipment do I need for testing?

  • Scratch paper: The student should have a supply of scratch paper for most testing sessions. (But note that the CogAT Form 7 prohibits scratch paper for the Verbal and Non-Verbal batteries.)
  • Pencils: The student should have access to one sharpened pencil and an eraser.
  • Headphones: Each student taking CogAT Form 7 will need headphones.

Technical Support

Why is my test loading slowly?

  • If your test is responding slowly or if your student occasionally sees a white screen when expecting to see a question, your internet is probably having difficulty buffering. To help, make sure that bandwidth is not being used for other purposes, such as video streaming (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc.); gaming; or social media. Any website requiring video or large/multiple pictures may take bandwidth away from the device used for online testing.
  • If the above does not resolve the issue, it may be that your local internet service is experiencing some kind of disruption. On a different device, try navigating to to see if the issue is your local internet. If these other sites are unable to load or if they load slowly, contact your BJU Press Test Administrator to find the best solution. Also, contact your internet service provider to find the nature of the problem.

How can I contact the BJU Press Test Administrator?

For fastest response, email your BJU Press Test Administrator at the email provided in your online testing information email. Alternatively, email

Why did my student get logged out when testing was not done for the day?

There are various reasons your student may have been logged out. Contact your BJU Press Test Administrator for more information and help getting your student logged back in.

How do I handle unforeseen interruptions?

Contact your BJU Press Test Administrator if this happens.

Although purposefully starting and stopping is not permitted, the test administrator can get the student started up again at precisely the point where they stopped, should an interruption occur.

During Testing

Do I need a calculator?

A calculator will be provided on the student’s screen for the appropriate subtests. No other calculator should be used or provided.

Should students guess?

Guessing is appropriate ONLY if the student has sufficient knowledge to eliminate at least half of the answer choices. Random guessing lessens the clarity of the scores, making it difficult to distinguish between weak areas (many wrong answers) and areas not yet covered (questions left unanswered).

Are any testing accommodations available?

  • Accommodations for online testing are not currently available; however, they are still available for paper-and-pencil testing.
  • There are also no out-of-level or out-of-norm options available with online testing at this time.


When and how do I receive my test scores?

  • Results will take up to 10 business days and will be posted on the account of the ordering party.
  • You will receive an email notification.
  • Log in to your account to view results under “My Tests.”

What will my results look like when they arrive?

Your results will come in a PDF format. You can see sample achievement test results by viewing the Iowa Assessments Form E page.


What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

After you receive the online testing information email (about two weeks before your test date), online testing orders may not be cancelled, but in case of an emergency you may reschedule your online testing session on an individual, as needed, basis.

What does it mean if a test is “embargoed”?

Sometimes a test publisher makes an agreement granting a state department of education or a local school district exclusive use of a particular form of the test for a limited period of time. In cases where the Iowa Assessments Form E and/or the Cognitive Abilities Test™ Form 7 are embargoed, BJU Press Testing & Evaluation is prohibited from administering that particular form of the test to the area covered by the agreement. In most cases, we can provide a paper-and-pencil edition of an alternative test.


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