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Testing & Evaluation

CogAT® (Cognitive Abilities Test™) Form 7

The Cognitive Abilities Test Form 7 is the newest abilities test that BJU Press offers and uses norms from 2017. It divides each battery into three short subtests, allowing students to take breaks, as needed.

Here are a few other benefits outlined in the Product Guide for CogAT Form 7:

  1. New design elements
  2. New subtests and item types
  3. More friendly for English language learners

CogAT Form 7 is offered only in combination with the Iowa Assessments™ Form E.

Test Details

Gifted programs often require abilities test scores. If you want to help your child place into one of these, please check the gifted program requirements to see whether the tests we offer are acceptable.


The CogAT and Iowa Assessments cover a wide range of skills and knowledge. For a full list of subtests and testing times, please see our CogAT Form 7 and Iowa Assessments Form E Schedule.

Please do not order if you have used an abilities test within the past three months or will be using one again in less than three months.

CogAT Form 7 is available for Grades 1–12; however, some of these tests may be restricted in . If you are in one of these restricted areas, please contact us about other options.

As with all other achievement and abilities tests, the CogAT Form 7 is not available to public school students through BJU Press.

Since it is critical that the publisher's guidelines for administering the tests be followed precisely, please review the tester qualifications. For help in locating a tester or for the tester application, please visit our Test Administrator support page. Testers approved for Iowa Assessments are also approved for the CogAT.

CogAT Form 7 results include the following:

  • Standard Age Score (SAS): Age-based norm-referenced scores (Stanine and National Percentile Rank)
  • Ability Profile: Graphed achievement percentiles
  • Predicted National Percentile Rank for achievement tests

Sample Reports (PDF):

Results for Cogat Tests

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