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Homeschool Testing & Evaluation

Is your child ready for the future? Let us help you find out. Regular testing allows for early detection of academic deficiencies. Furthermore, seeing the patterns in your child's academic development will help you make good instructional choices. BJU Press Testing & Evaluation provides you with a broad array of standardized testing materials to enhance and support your homeschool.

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Do the words “standardized testing” make you nervous?

Standardized testing can help you determine your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses so that you can tailor your teaching to meet specific needs. But for a home educator, educational testing can be complicated and confusing without the help of a reliable testing service.

BJU Press Testing & Evaluation is here to make standardized testing easy for you. We offer reliable, nationally recognized tests, and our testing service is fully authorized by the test publishers.

Our testing service offers:

We’ll help you with test prep, interpreting test scores, and record keeping. Both the Stanford and The Iowa Tests available through BJU Press Testing & Evaluation also include a Lexile® reader measure in the test result report.

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