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We realize that COVID-19 may be affecting your testing plans. If so, we have options to help you. If you need more time for your paper/pencil testing, we can extend your due date. If you have already received paper/pencil tests but need to switch to online testing, we can help with this as well. Start by ordering your online test, then return the paper/pencil test for a full refund.

For homeschool families wanting the best for their children, achievement testing can be a key educational tool. Testing shows you how well your children are learning. And the team at BJU Press Testing & Evaluation is here to ensure that you get the most out of testing. Our testing specialists are always ready to answer questions, help place orders, and even guide families in understanding their scores.

To make sure you have the best options for testing, we offer two of the most popular achievement tests available, Stanford 10 and Iowa Assessments Form E. With newer questions and norms, we highly recommend testing with Form E for meeting your state’s requirements and measuring your children’s success.

Achievement & Abilities Tests

Additional Tests & Materials

Near Greenville, SC? Learn more about the testing services available at our local Testing Center .


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