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The Academy of Home Education
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AHE FAQs—Credits

Can you tell me how to figure high school credits?

High school credits are based on hours of instruction and completing the majority of a course of study. The standard measurement in a precollege program is the unit of credit. An AHE unit of credit generally represents 50–60 minutes of contact (instruction) five times per week (4–5 hours) over the course of an academic year that consists of 180 days. A class must meet a minimum of 2.5 hours per week for one semester to earn .25 credits.

What if my child takes a class at a local school?

If BJU Press does not offer the curriculum, some homeschooled students may take advantage of locally offered coursework in technical areas, such as driver's education, introduction to computers, and auto repair. Credit may be earned in this manner and may be counted toward graduation requirements, provided that credit is not also being applied to another institution (dual credit). An Elective Reporting Form (PDF) must be submitted before instruction. Although weekly grades are not required to be submitted for the course, the parents must request that an official transcript from the school be sent directly to AHE.

Can my child receive high school credit for private music lessons?

Private music lessons will not receive units of credit. However, they will be noted on the transcript as receiving a participation grade.

My child is involved in a community orchestra. Can he receive credit for this?

Students involved in musical groups with a director may earn elective credits if the class meets at least 3 hours a week and includes tests.

Can my child get credit for taking driver's education?

Students taking driver's education may receive credit according to the time of instruction. If a student is taking driver's education at a local school, we require a certificate from the school after the course is completed as well as a single final grade (combine classroom and driving grades, if necessary). If a parent or designee is teaching the course, we require weekly grades.

May I count vocabulary for credit?

The vocabulary curriculum is designed to supplement the overall English coursework. There is not enough material for it to stand alone for credit.