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The Academy of Home Education
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AHE FAQs—Electives

What qualifies as an elective?

An elective must be an organized course, instructional in nature and in a subject area that a student is expected to learn and not already know. A good question to ask yourself as you prepare an elective course is "Would a conventional school accept this as a credit course?" A course must have objectives and educational goals that set course direction by describing measurable behavior (learning outcomes). What exactly will your child need to know and be able to do at the end of the instruction? A textbook must be included in the instructional process and must be a BJU Press textbook, where available. The instructor must have a predetermined objective standard of evaluation that may include projects, tests, and quizzes. If projects are included, they should be progressively more difficult so as to teach new skills. At least one paper exam must be used.

How do I report an elective?

Please fill out the Elective Reporting Form (PDF) (ERF) carefully. This form must be submitted prior to the beginning of the semester. Please call our office if you have any questions. Note: Before the beginning of the school year, the Course Registration Form (CRF) must be completed before the ERF and submitted with it for approval.

How do I submit grades for electives taken at a conventional school?

The teacher at the school where your child took the class should provide an official report with the grade, the teacher's signature, and any other necessary information relating to the class.

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