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The Academy of Home Education
Homeschool students throwing caps at graduation

Elective Restrictions

 AHE reserves the right to disapprove any request for credit not submitted prior to the beginning of the semester or any request that does not meet the standards of the AHE program.

Financial Compensation

We are not able to validate credit for a course in which the student receives financial compensation.

Dual Credit

While AHE generally approves for our students to take courses at local community colleges, we do not approve the coursework of students taking college courses to meet AHE graduation requirements while simultaneously receiving college credit (dual credit).

Extracurricular Activities

We are not able to record extracurricular activity on academic transcripts. There is no doubt that these opportunities are valuable and are an indication of what type of person your child is. We recommend you add a simple letter to the college enrollment package that lists these activities chronologically if the college does not request such information in the application process.