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The Academy of Home Education

AHE FAQs—General


Why is AHE not accredited?

The Academy of Home Education, as a division of BJU Press, is recognized by the South Carolina Department of Education as an approved homeschool association in compliance with the South Carolina homeschool statutes, and we can provide academic accountability for homeschool families.

Materials and curriculum cannot be accredited. Only schools can be, and there the primary focus is on the process, rather than the academic product of education. Unfortunately, it is well known that accredited high schools grant validated diplomas to students who cannot read well enough to function in society. While the process of education certainly is important, it is not more important than the product itself. Therefore, we require students to be tested annually, using nationally recognized, standardized evaluations. These tests are administered by approved, independent testers and scored by recognized scoring agencies. The reliability and validity of these tests provide reputable proof of a student's individual achievement.

Class Rank

The Academy of Home Education does not rank its class members. We recommend that you contact the Office of Admissions at your college of interest and ask how homeschooling situations are handled.

A college probably will not actually need the class rank but will likely look most closely at the classes your child took in high school, his grades, and the SAT or ACT scores.

You may present that you are accountable to The Academy of Home Education for academic validation, as AHE provides a structured curricular program, retains records of each student's coursework, and requires yearly standardized testing.

As a reminder, when a student successfully completes his high school academics, The Academy of Home Education awards a high school diploma from a recognized institution.

Early Completion

Can my child graduate early from AHE?

Please remember that your children have the gift of time during this important foundational phase of learning. The elementary and junior high years provide high school students the educational foundation to expanded learning opportunities in preparation for college. We do not approve early graduation from high school without extenuating circumstances and appropriate abilities. If an accelerated program is desired, it is recommended that the acceleration begin at the college level.

My child took high school classes as an 8th grader. Can he receive credit?

The Academy of Home Education does not accept high school credit before the completion of 8th grade (exceptions would be where a transcript from a traditional school lists a high school course during junior high years). We may approve early completion of coursework for the purpose of taking advanced courses in high school but not for the purpose of earning high school credits prior to entry into high school. Students should not take high school classes replacing 7th or 8th grade core courses. All courses taken upon the completion of 8th grade (including courses taken during the summer between 8th and 9th grades) may meet high school credit requirements but should be preapproved by the AHE guidance office. Regardless if credits are earned prior to 9th grade, students must earn all the graduation credits required by AHE for each subject. (In the case of foreign language, after 2 years of the same language, credit may be earned in a different foreign language rather than requiring 4 years of the same language.)


What do QGRF, GRF, TOF, CRF, and ERF mean?

QGRF—Quarterly Grade Reporting Form—used for reporting grades at the end of each quarter for Grades 1–8

GRF—Grade Reporting Form—used for reporting grades at the end of each semester for Grades 9–12

TOF—Testing Order Form—used to place orders for annual achievement tests. These orders are due in mid-February according to the calendar schedule.

CRF—Course Registration Form—used to set-up student's course schedule prior to the school year.

ERF—Elective Reporting Form—used for requesting approval for electives prior to the semester the course will be taken.

Summer School

Can my child take summer school?

Yes, we allow AHE students to take courses in the summer. As with 1st and 2nd semesters, 3rd semester (summer) credit is measured by hours of instruction. Please call the AHE office for more information.

Contact Information

How may I contact you or send in forms?

Please visit our Contact Page.


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