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Distance Learning Online
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BJU Press Distance Learning Online is your all-in-one homeschool solution.

Daily video lessons are delivered to your child by expert teachers. Lessons, eTextbooks, and assignments can be accessed from our responsive web interface from virtually any device, including iPad, Android, PC, and Mac.

Save time and stay organized

Parents who have homeschooled know that grading, organizing lesson plans, and keeping track of student records is a time-consuming process. With BJU Press DLO, quizzes and tests are accessed online and are graded instantly, saving the busy parent valuable time. All grade books and records are conveniently stored on the web and can be accessed anytime.

Customize to fit your child

Not all children learn each subject at the same pace. That’s why we provide the flexibility to move up or down one or two grade levels in two subjects. For example, a child in third grade could use second-grade math and fourth-grade reading.

Textbooks in the formats you need

With your DLO purchase you will receive standard physical copies of all student textbooks and applicable worktexts, as well as online access to student eTextbooks and PDF copies of the comprehensive Teacher’s Editions.

You’re in control

Our teaching experts deliver educationally sound lessons to your children, but you, the parent, have the final say on grading and lesson planning.

It moves with your family

Video lessons, eTextbooks, tests, and quizzes are all easily accessed from the web with a simple login. Your child can learn wherever an internet connection is available. This makes DLO perfect for families on the move.

Getting started with DLO is easy.

  • After purchasing, you will receive a welcome email containing the parent login. Once logged in, you create a brief profile and are able to customize other settings, such as grading scale and assignment weight using the easy to use DLO web interface.

  • On the Home Page, all of your child’s information is available at a glance. You can see current subjects, recent activity, a calendar of upcoming lessons and assignments, and more.

  • Organizing and reporting grades has never been simpler with grade printouts and progress reports containing easy to follow graphs.

What does a day using DLO look like?

  • Your child logs in using our simple web interface. He sees the next available lesson and is able to work through it on his own.

  • Later while your child is playing or at bedtime, parents can access the content to see how he is doing. Answer keys for assignments are available right on the lesson screen so there is no need to flip through pages to find answers.

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Price Guide

DL Online (Including Books)
Grades 1-12$999  
1-Semester Subject$299  

"My son loves the 2nd distance learning program through BJU Press. We started with the K4 distance learning, and just can’t seem to find anything more thorough or well suited for our son. The online portal is user friendly, and has been improved every year, and I have seen how responsive BJU is to reasonable, parental feedback. The curriculum is time tested and incorporates activities for all learning styles."

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