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Distance Learning Online Becomes the Homeschool Hub

Distance Learning Online delivered daily video lessons to your child by expert teachers. Now you can stream and plan your lessons on the Homeschool Hub, a new planning tool that hosts all your streaming video needs for online video lessons.

Updating Your Distance Learning Online Experience

Distance Learning Online users who purchased before February 1, 2022, will retain access and logins to and may finish out the 2021–2022 year without updating. Grades and completed assignments will not transfer to the Hub automatically, and it may be difficult to update to the Homeschool Hub mid-year. If you’re just starting your year and would like to update to the BJU Press Homeschool Hub, please call customer service at 800.845.5731 to request your video courses be activated.

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Online Features

Textbooks in the Formats You Need

With your DLO purchase you will receive standard physical copies of all student textbooks and applicable worktexts as well as online access to student eTextbooks and PDF copies of the comprehensive Teacher’s Editions.

You’re in Control!

Our teaching experts deliver educationally sound lessons to your children, but you, the parent, have the final say on grading and lesson planning.

Customize to Fit Your Child

Not all children learn each subject at the same pace. That’s why we provide the flexibility to move up or down one or two grade levels in two subjects.

Exciting Personalities Keep Your Child Engaged

Our teachers use their unique personalities like tools to keep your children focused during their lessons and riveted to the discussions. Learn more about our teachers and how their personalities impact lessons on our Meet Our Teachers page.

Save Time and Stay Organized

Grading, organizing lesson plans, and keeping track of student records can be time consuming. BJU Press DLO saves busy parents valuable time by letting students access tests and quizzes online and grading them as soon as they are completed. You can also access all grade books and records online at any time.

Use From any Device

Access lessons, assignments, and eTextbooks from our responsive web interface from virtually any device, including iPad, Android, PC, and Mac.

A Typical DLO Day

Your child logs in using our simple web interface. He sees the next available lesson and is able to work through it on his own.

Later, while your child is playing or sleeping, parents can access the content to see how he is doing. Answer keys for assignments are available right on the lesson screen, so there is no need to flip through pages to find answers.

Getting Started with DLO

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These resources are available to help you get started with your DLO video courses!


  • When will I lose access to the Distance Learning Online system?

    Access to the Distance Learning Online platform will discontinue for all users on December 31, 2022.

  • Can I start with the Hub mid-year?

    Yes, the Hub can be started at any point in your experience; however, the Hub does not pull data from the old DLO platform. When you begin your year on the Hub, you would need to manually mark assignments complete and add grades in addition to adjusting your schedule according to your family’s needs. This process may be time consuming for you in the middle of your year.


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